Supporting Ministries

Supporting Ministries:
We would love to support your ministry. Please contact us today to find out how we can list in on this link page for others to find.
Beacon of Hope Online SchoolHouse, Inc.
 (BHOSH) is a Christian school (grades K-12) that exists to provide students a comprehensive and eclectic educational experience via a technology-based delivery system. This online academic offering has three (3) options for parents – a private Christian school, homeschool or freedom choice program. A dynamic educational experience, Beacon of Hope utilizes highly acclaimed curriculum delivered in a virtual classroom, gifted, caring instructors, and state-of-the-art technology to provide students with a premier educational experience. An avid opponent to the Common Core curriculum currently being forced upon the nation’s public educational system, BHOSH is committed to a God-centered learning experience where the creativity of God is reflected in everything from Mathematics to English to Physical Education.
Beacon of Hope High School Diploma Program

Are you in need of earning your high school diploma to get into Kingsbury Bible College or to get a better job?

Check out this great program and earn your high school diploma in less than 3 hours!